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Press Release: Relieve Outpatient Medical Detox, a Brand New 7 Day Outpatient Detox Treatment for Opiates Opens In Scottsdale || September 27, 2019

Relieve Outpatient Medical Detox, a Brand New 7 Day Outpatient Detox Treatment for Opiates to Help Prevent “Accidental Addiction”, Opens In Scottsdale


September 27, 2019

For Immediate Release


Relieve Medical Detox, the first outpatient opiate detox of its kind opened August 23rd, 2019 in Scottsdale, Arizona to help combat the growing Opioid Epidemic. Relieve Medical Detox offers a 7 day outpatient, office-based medical detox to patients who have been prescribed opiates by their doctor. Their first location is at 7283 E Earll Dr. Building B Suite 1 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 conveniently located in Old Town Scottsdale. 


“While working at our sister company, Scottsdale Detox Center (an inpatient drug and alcohol detox facility), I noticed that many of the opiate and heroin patients had started with a prescription opioid from their doctor following surgery or injury, or had started on opiates for chronic pain management or chronic illness. I kept hearing the same story from these patients. They got cut off or their prescription ran out and the withdrawal symptoms were too painful, so they got pills from friends, family, or the street. Not only are street drugs illegal, but they can be deadly.” says Registered Nurse, Melanie French “Relieve Medical Detox was created to help patients detox before their physical dependence turns into an addiction.” 


Most people don’t realize that patients can become physically dependent on opiates in as few as 5 days*. Physical dependence on opiates simply means that when trying to stop, the patient will experience painful withdrawal symptoms. 


“At Relieve Medical Detox outpatient treatment allows patients to schedule their detox according to their last dose and their personal schedule. We give them the medications and treatments necessary to detox their brain and body safely and comfortably over 7 days. We developed our treatment to have flexible scheduling and short appointment times, so that treatment doesn’t disrupt patients’ lives.” says Shelby Haugen of Relieve Medical Detox.


“Our program is not a taper protocol. We don’t simply cut the patient’s prescription in half. We use special detox medications to detox the brain, comfort medications to relieve withdrawal symptoms, along with case management and auxiliary therapies and to help heal the body throughout the process.” says Melanie French, RN. Many physicians place the responsibility on the patient post-operation to taper on their own by halving their doses. Unfortunately, this is not a realistic expectation. Once the body is dependent, self control is not the issue. The body experiences very real and very upsetting symptoms. This leads to patients never completing a self taper and in turn, they run-out or get cut off and are left trying to stop cold turkey. 


In addition, many taper protocols can last a month or longer, but our treatment will detox patients comfortably in just 7 days, leaving them completely off opiates. We also offer a high level of support and supervision throughout the process that many doctors are unable to give their patients who are attempting to taper off their medication. 


Please note that we are also not a suboxone clinic. Many treatment centers advertise outpatient detox, but they are simply swapping one dependency for another, leaving patients on Suboxone for years. 


Our medical director, Dr Topete is a board-certified Addiction Medicine Specialist with over 27 years of experience. In addition, all of our nursing staff have extensive experience in detox and behavioral health. Our treatment was developed based on years of detox experience and is closely monitored at the daily appointments. 


“We have found many holes in the continuum of care that are leading patients to experience unmanaged opioid dependence. Our goal is to provide medical providers and patients a resource to detox safely and comfortably. Opioids are a necessary part of many treatment plans, but opioid dependence does not have to turn into an addiction. There is a simple protocol that can help people quit. We see our treatment as part two of the care plan following all opiate prescriptions. We would like to see doctors prescribing a medical detox after an opioid prescription as normally as he/she would prescribe physical therapy after surgery. We would also like to see the key medical resources the public relies on recommending medical detox for opioids on their websites in addition to standard taper protocols. By starting Relieve Medical Detox, we believe we can make a difference in the opioid crisis and we will keep working towards that goal everyday.” Shelby Haugen. 



Relieve Medical Detox

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