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In as few as five days, you can become physically dependent on opioids, quitting them requires a medical detox, not just a taper protocol.


Your Doctor Prescribed a Taper Protocol

Many physicians place the responsibility on the patient to taper on their own, by halving their doses for example.  

This is not a realistic expectation, because once the body is dependent self control is NOT the issue. The body experiences very real and very upsetting symptoms. This leads to patients never completing a self taper, they get cut off and now they are going cold turkey.


Brianna was a 40 year old who had chronic back pain. She had back surgery and was prescribed opioids to help with pain after. The surgery helped a bit, but she was still hurting. Her surgeon soon told her she needed to find a pain management doctor to continue her painkiller prescriptions.

Two years later, she was still visiting the pain management doctor on a regular basis for her prescriptions. Brianna’s life was ok, but since starting the opioids she just doesn’t feel the same. She takes several other medications daily to deal with the side-effects of the opioids such as constipation and nausea, but the worst side-effect to her is her loss of relationships. Brianna doesn’t go out as much anymore and has found herself withdrawing from her family and friends. One day, Brianna’s friend told her about epidurals and pain blockers that don’t require opioids. Brianna wanted to try this new method, but as she tried to stop taking the opioids, the withdrawal symptoms were just as bad as the side effects. Between the nausea and vomiting, she couldn’t do it. She saw no option but to stay on the pills.

Thankfully, Brianna soon learned about medical detox. Within seven days, she was off opioids completely and able to try the epidural. The pain blocker worked perfectly and Brianna is now back to her social, cheerful self. She is pain free and free from constant doctor's appointments and relieved of all of the terrible side effects.

Avoid Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

When you complete a medical detox with us, we not only provide medications to help physically detox your brain and body, we also provide medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms, so you don't go through the same pain as at-home self-taper detox.

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Our Medical Detox Treatment is NOT the same as a prescription taper protocol.

A taper protocol can take months to complete and does not guarantee you will not experience withdrawal symptoms. 

During the detox process we use using specific medication substitutes to decrease detox time, comfort medications to ease any withdrawal symptoms, and medications to any curb cravings you may encounter. We also offer supplemental services to help your body heal throughout the process. 

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