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If you need to reduce your opioid dosage, our medical detox can help you ease withdrawal symptoms and adjust to a lower dose before surgery.


Surgeons will refuse surgery to patients who are on higher doses of opioids because the patient has developed a tolerance and pain can’t be managed appropriately after surgery.

Therefore, many patients who have been on opioid medication for chronic issues are ineligible for pain relief surgery or other surgical procedures because they are currently opioids.

If you are currently on opioids and want to reduce your dose without painful withdrawal symptoms, then we are here to help.

At Relieve Medical Detox, we can assist you through our Outpatient Detox Program before your surgery and then coordinate with your pain management doctor and surgeon to start you on a lower dose following detox.

Paul was a 48 year old construction worker. Due to years of hard work, he had severe back pain. Fortunately, he found a chronic pain management doctor to help him manage the pain and continue to work. This setup was great for him until one day he was playing ball with his son and he fell. Paul injured his back further and now required surgery.

Unfortunately, the surgeon said he couldn’t perform the surgery until Paul was on a lower dose of pain meds. The surgeon’s reasoning was that Paul needed to be able to manage any breakthrough pain after surgery with a medication and at Paul’s current dose, he had too high of a tolerance for the medicine to help with any additional pain.

Hearing the news, Paul tried to taper the pain pills down to lower his dose, but terrible withdrawal symptoms were too much for him/her to handle. Paul needed to reduce his dose quickly, but just couldn’t.

Luckily Paul’s pain management doctor told him about medical detox. In just 7 days, Paul could quit all of the pain medications without painful withdrawal symptoms, reset his tolerance to the medications, and re-start on a lower dose. Within a week and a half, Paul detoxed and had his back surgery.

He is now recovering and using healthy doses of opioids to manage any breakthrough pain. Paul looks forward to a life without opioids after detoxing off opioids again once he is healed and pain-free.

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