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If your patient has taken opiates for more than 5 days, their body is likely already dependent on them quitting them is safe and easy with a medical detox.



As a provider you already know the dangers of opioids and how addictive they can become. You work with your patients to taper them down, but many patients are noncompliant or do not have the ability to taper without strict supervision.  Asking a patient to simply half their dose is often a request that falls on deaf ears. Many patients continue taking the original amounts until they are cut off completely. 


Get information relevant to your specific patients.


Your patients are prescribed opioids after surgery. 

Your patients need to be on a lower dose of opioids before surgery.

Chronic Pain Management

Your patients would like to stop opioids quickly and painlessly. 

Your patients need to be on a lower dose. 

Your patients are abusing the system and need to get their addiction under control.

Cancer & Chronic Illness Doctors

Your patients have been on opioids long-term and need to detox quickly and painlessly.


Providers create treatment plans to assist patients with chronic pain and recovery from injury or surgery, but how much attention is placed on the taper or detox from opioids in the treatment plan?

Offering a detox service to patients who are having difficulty tapering off opioids is not only a way to expand your treatment plan, but it also can reduce your liability as well.  


How we can help

Relieve Medical Detox is an outpatient detox that uses a 7 day Suboxone taper protocol supplemented with comfort medications and IV therapy. Patients are monitored during daily appointments over 7 consecutive days.

Relieve Medical Detox wants to partner with providers who are looking to help their patients who are struggling to quit opiates. With permission from the patient, we can work closely with referring providers to ensure an uninterrupted continuum of care.

Please call us today to speak with our team. We can even come to your practice and educate your staff on our program. We also offer collateral for you to help educate your patients. Please contact us for more information.


We are not a suboxone clinic.

Patients will be completely detoxed from opioids and detox medications at the end of the 7 day detox. At Relieve Medical Detox, we do not substitute one dependency for another. We do not prescribe long-term suboxone maintenance treatments.

We are NOT a Suboxone clinic where we trade one medication for another. Suboxone clinics are in business to keep patients in their practice for long periods of time.

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CDC & HHS Guidelines on Tapering & Benefits of Prescribing a Medical Detox

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