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Do you accept insurance?

Insurance does not cover outpatient detox, therefore this is a private pay treatment, but we can provide references for inpatient detox facilities that may accept your insurance.  


Can I drive to appointments?

Some of the medications we give you may make you drowsy. Therefore, it is our policy that our patients do not drive to or from appointments. 

Possible options for transportation include taking a rideshare (such as Uber/Lyft) or having a friend/family member drive you. 

Why were we founded?
Relieve Outpatient Medical Detox is the first of its kind 7 day outpatient detox program that allows patients to detox completely from opiates while maintaining their daily responsibilities such as going to work or caring for their family.
We started Relieve because we noticed a trend at our inpatient drug and alcohol facility, Scottsdale Detox. Many of the opioid patients at Scottsdale Detox shared similar background stories. Most of them started with a doctor's prescription following an injury, surgery, or chronic pain diagnosis.
In as few as 5 day, the body can become physically dependent on opioids, causing the patient to experience painful withdrawal symptoms when they miss a dose or stop using the prescription. Many of these patients developed a dependence on the meds and eventually after being cut-off by their doctor they moved to getting pills from the street. 
Because of this trend, we started to notice that there is an underserved population of people who were not receiving help with detoxing from opioids (for those of you who don't know what detox is, it is managing withdrawal symptoms while removing the opioids from their system) once their pain is healed. 
We started Relieve to help catch people who are physically dependent on opioids before their dependence turns into an addiction along with all of the negative consequences. Many of our patients are ready to quit opioids because of the awful side-effects but the pain of withdrawal it too much to handle. We are here to help.
How does it work?

At Relieve, we give patients who are dependent on opioids an easy solution to quit. Our 7 day detox will help them safely and comfortably stop taking the opiates with just a short daily appointment for 7 days.

Our protocol is not a taper, we do not simply cut your pills in half. Our treatment uses detox medications to help curb withdrawals and wean your body off the substance, comfort medications to manage withdrawal symptoms, and IVs to help heal the body. 

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How do you make the detox process comfortable?

We use a detox medication as a substitute to fill the opioid receptors in your brain. This 7 day medication process suppresses withdrawal and cravings. We are not a long-term Suboxone maintenance program. At the end of the 7 day treatment, you will be 100% off Suboxone.

We also provide comfort medications and IV therapy to manage any withdrawal symptoms and promote optimal health.


About Suboxone
  1. Suboxone is a medication that is absorbed under the tongue (sublingual).
  2. Suboxone does an excellent job of covering all of the opioid receptors in the brain so that withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be avoided.
  3. Most patients experience a feeling of “liberation” from their habits when they begin treatment with Suboxone. It allows the patient to feel “normal.”
  4. Suboxone has a “ceiling effect” that makes it very safe from overdose and makes it difficult to actually feel “high” or any additional benefit or euphoria.
  5. Since high doses do not offer a high, it is less likely to cause a physical dependence or further psychological dependence.
  6. Since Suboxone covers the opioid receptors so well, additional pain medications are blocked and make it “unproductive” to continue previous habits. This is an additional safety feature of Suboxone.
  7. Suboxone contains buprenorphine and naloxone. The naloxone is poorly absorbed when used as directed under the tongue—it is put in Suboxone to discourage intravenous use.
  8. Buprenorphine is now FDA approved for use in pain management, so most pain issues can be alleviated simultaneously.
  9. You will need to be in mild to moderate withdrawal when starting Suboxone. This is to prevent the medication from causing acute withdrawal. The medication will take you out of withdrawal rather quickly so that you don’t have to experience most withdrawal symptoms.
Will I be 100% clear of opiates after 7 days?

Our patients are completely, 100% off opiates in 7 days.

We are NOT a long-term suboxone maintenance program where we swap one dependence for another. 

Will I be in pain after detoxing?

We understand that you might be on pain medication to treat chronic pain and that you might be worried about experiencing pain after detoxing from opioids. 

Many of our patients find that they are experiencing hyperalgesia and that they are not in pain after detoxing. 

However, if you are in pain after detoxing, we have a network of hand-selected local, non-opioid pain management doctors who can help provide you with non-opioid pain treatment options to help manage the pain.

What makes this different that inpatient medical detox?

Traditional medical detox is done in an inpatient setting, meaning you check-in to a facility at the beginning of your treatment and leave at the end. Inpatient facilities typically have 24/7 medical supervision and provide varying levels of medications to help with the detox and withdrawal symptoms. Most facilities do not allow computers or phones, meaning you cannot continue working or easily stay in touch with family. 

At Relieve Outpatient Medical Detox, we do a medical opioid detox in an outpatient setting - meaning that you do not stay at our facility. During our 7 day treatment, our patients visit us once per day for approximately an hour* to receive treatment. Our patients can then continue on with their daily life and responsibilities. 


The Next Step...

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