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Which is right for you?
Outpatient Medical Detox or Suboxone Maintenance?

While we do offer both detox and MAT services, our outpatient detox program is NOT the same as suboxone maintenance. We do not automatically put you on suboxone maintenance long-term after your detox.

Our outpatient detox program is a 7 day medical DETOX. You will be completely detoxed from opioids and detox medications (Suboxone) at the end of our 7 day detox treatment.


Detox is the short form of the word “detoxification,” which means the removal of toxins from the body.

Medical detox is detoxification that takes place under medical supervision.

Detoxification is the process of eliminating a drug from your body while simultaneously managing the symptoms of withdrawal.

More often than not, detoxing can feel like a daunting task because managing the symptoms of withdrawal can often be very painful.

A successful medical detox program ensures that the detoxing person is comfortable and safe from many medical risks that might arise from discontinuing use of prescription and/or illegal drugs.

At Relieve Medical Detox, we help you quickly quit opioids so you can return to your normal life. A life without repetitive doctor's appointments and the side-effects of opioids.

How often are doctor's visits?

Once daily for 7 days.

How long will you be on suboxone?

You will be on suboxone for 7 days, and fully tapered off by the time you complete the program on day 7.

There are very few reasons to be on Suboxone long-term, especially when a 7 day taper has been proven to be more successful. 

Not only is there no reason to be on Suboxone longer than 7 days, the cost of this long-term treatment over an average of 1-5 years can far exceed that of a quick detox treatment. Not only does it require frequent office visits, but there is also the cost of medications, travel, etc. to consider. 


Suboxone maintenance can also be referred to by some as MAT (medication-assisted treatment). They describe long-term Suboxone maintenance benefits as: patients in staying sober while reducing the side effects of withdrawal and curbing cravings which can lead to relapse. 

How often are doctor visits?
Initially the patient reports to the Suboxone treatment program for an assessment and drug screen, and also follows up with a physical exam. Once those visits are completed, the patient will report to the program at least twice in the first week, and then weekly thereafter as long as they are adjusting successfully to the Suboxone medication dosage.

How long will you be on treatment with Suboxone?

Some physicians talk about short-term Suboxone treatment. However, because the very nature of addiction is so compulsive, many people stay in medication-assisted treatment for a year or more. Studies have shown that the greatest success in MAT comes to those who do participate in treatment for a year or more. As long as they see their doctor regularly, this will not harm them, and they will be able to regain the skills and personality that you loved before they were affected by this medical disease. Once they make the decision to get off Suboxone, they will taper from it slowly over a period of time discussed between them and their doctor.

Suboxone maintenance is a good fit for some individuals who are struggling to stay sober. Please call us and we will help you determine the best form of treatment for you.

If you are already on suboxone maintenance and would like to quit, please call us to discuss your options.

Studies have shown that a 7 day Suboxone taper

is more effective than a 28 day taper.

See the Study >

We offer both, a 7 day outpatient detox program and medically assisted treatment options.

Please be aware that there are many facilities out there that claim to have outpatient detox treatments, but there are many circumstances where they are only using those words to sell you in-patient detox treatment or they want to put you on long-term suboxone maintenance.

How to Identify Suboxone Clinics & Suboxone Maintenance:

  • Indeterminate treatment length or longer than 7 days
  • Substituting one drug for another

Questions to ask about an Outpatient Detox Program:

  1. How long is your detox treatment? Treatment should be a set amount of time, within a range of usually 3-10 days.
  2. Will I be staying at the facility or can I go home? An outpatient program will not require you to stay at their facility.
  3. How many times do I need to visit? Our outpatient detox treatment requires only one visit to the clinic per day for 7 days, so you can continue life as normal.
  4. What medications do you use to help with detox?  We use Suboxone to detox your brain and body. Suboxone is easier to taper off of over the 7 day treatment period. When you leave our detox program, you will be free of opioids and Suboxone.
  5. What medications do you use to help with withdrawal symptoms? We provide comfort meds to help you manage withdrawal symptoms over the 7 days, as well as supplemental treatments to encourage healing throughout your body.
  6. Do I need all of the drugs out of my system before I can start? Many clinics require you to white-knuckle through the withdrawal symptoms and once you are already detoxed, they will put you back on a drug (suboxone) for long-term use. We will work with you to determine the optimal time to start treatment.

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