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Opioids During Pregnancy, Are They Safe?

Below is an excerpt from the popular preegnancy book, What to Expect When You're Expecting:


Opioids such as Codeine, Percocet, Vicodin, and OxyContin are NOT safe to take during pregnancy. They can have many health risks to you and your baby.



If you are currently pregnant and in the first trimester, but want to stop opioids we recommend calling our sister company, Scottsdale Detox for an inpatient 24 hour medically supervised detox.


If you are thinking about trying to get pregnant or conceive and want to detox before becoming pregnant, our outpatient medical detox may be a good option for you. Just like you would start taking prenatal vitamins when trying to conceive, you can help prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy by detoxing from opiates.

Our treatment allows you to detox safely and comfortably in just 7 days with a simple daily office visit. To learn more about our treatment, please call us today at 480-549-2220.

Please call us to discuss your options before trying MAT (Medically Assisted treatment) such as methadone (Methadone clinics) or buprenorphine (Suboxone clinics). We are not a suboxone clinic, at the end of our detox treatment at Scottsdale Detox or Relive Medical Detox, you will be free from all opiates.

Can opioids (illegal or prescription) cause problems for your baby during pregnancy and/or after birth?

Yes. Using opioids during pregnancy can affect your health and your baby’s health.

If you’re not pregnant and you’re using opioids, use effective birth control until you’re ready to get pregnant. When you are ready to get pregnant, please consider a medical detox before trying to conceive. Quitting on your own or tapering-off can lead to painful withdrawal symptoms. A medical detox will detox your body from the opiates, manage your withdrawal symptoms, and start to heal your body by replenishing nutrients.

Possible complications linked to opioid use during pregnancy may include:

- Birth defects

Birth defects associated with opioid use during pregnancy include:

  • Congenital heart defects
  • Gastroschisis
  • Glaucoma
  • Neural tube defects (also called NTDs)

- Miscarriage or stillbirth

- Neonatal abstinence syndrome (also called NAS)

Even if you use an opioid exactly as your health care provider tells you to, it may cause NAS in your baby.

- Placental abruption

- Preeclampsia

- Preterm labor and premature birth

- Problems with your baby’s growth.

These include:

  • Fetal growth restriction (also called growth-restricted, small for gestational age and small for date)
  • Low birthweight

Sudden infant death syndrome (also called SIDS)

To learn more about detox treatment, please call us today at 480-549-2220.

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