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If you’ve taken opiates for more than 5 days, your body is already dependent on them quitting them requires a medical detox to avoid withdrawal symptoms.


Mike grew up in a typical blue-collar family, playing street hockey and pickup football in local parks. He was always a good student and excelled as a three-sport varsity athlete in high school. During his senior year in high school, Mike had surgery to repair a broken wrist due to a hockey injury. Following his surgery, he was prescribed an opioid pain medication. Shortly after this, his wisdom teeth were removed, and he was written another prescription for opioids. Mike believes his use of prescription opioids transitioned to addiction within three to six months after first taking prescription opioids.

He did not realize how physically dependent upon opioids his body had become until he became very sick from withdrawal after forgetting to bring his prescription on a vacation. From then on, he continued taking prescription opioids not to treat any pain, but to avoid feeling these withdrawal symptoms ever again. As his addiction progressed, he recalls completely losing sight of his goals and the things he once loved. Mike eventually had to stop playing sports in college and drop out of his classes. He became depressed and described his addiction as “isolating.”

After multiple recovery attempts and a hard-won battle, Mike overcame his addiction and is now thriving in recovery. He returned to school, earned his bachelor’s degree, and is currently pursuing a graduate degree.

Risks of stopping opioids abruptly include:

  • restlessness

  • muscle and bone pain

  • insomnia

  • diarrhea

  • aggitation and irritability

  • hallucinations

  • sweating

  • vomiting

  • cold flashes

  • goose bumps – (this is where the term “cold turkey” came from) 

At Relieve Medical Detox, we not only help detox you from opioids, we give you treatments to heal your body and medications to relieve withdrawal symptoms.

Your Doctor Prescribed a Taper Protocol

Many physicians place the responsibility on the patient to taper on their own, by halving their doses for example.  

This is not a realistic expectation, because once the body is dependent self control is NOT the issue. The body experiences very real and very upsetting symptoms. This leads to patients never completing a self taper, they get cut off and now they are going cold turkey.


Our Medical Detox Treatment is NOT the same as a prescription taper protocol.

During the detox process we use using specific medication substitutes to decrease detox time, comfort medications to ease any withdrawal symptoms, and medications to any curb cravings you may encounter. We also offer supplemental services to help your body heal throughout the process. 


You've Tried to Quit Yourself and Detox at Home

At-Home Detox and Relapse Rates

The incomplete nature of at-home detox creates another danger for the individual trying to recover from dependence: the risk of relapse.

Another risk is the “kindling phenomenon,” which posits that repeated relapses tend to result in more severe withdrawal symptoms with each subsequent detox.

A study from Addiction noted that the majority of people who received professional detox were more likely to remain abstinent over time, while those who attempted to stop on their own were more likely to relapse.

This risk can be greatly reduced through a professional treatment program, because these programs don’t focus on detox alone.

Many times with self-detox, the pain or withdrawals are too severe and people go to friends, family, or the street to get more.

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