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MAT for Alcohol Addiction

Our addiction treatment specialists treat alcohol dependence with medication and a variety of evidence-based psychological and social treatments.

Our Treatment

Through our customized model of care, our physicians are able to focus on the unique needs of each patient and provide them with a positive experience, better outcomes, and an improved quality of life.

  1. Our program begins with individualized treatment plans for each patient.
  2. Our physicians properly prescribe FDA-approved medications for alcohol addiction, primarily naltrexone (Vivitrol).
  3. A full team of licensed medical professionals ensures that medications are properly managed.


While there is a current epidemic of opioid addiction, alcohol consumption is actually responsible for more deaths in the United States. Alcohol addiction is a disease, and medication can play an important role in helping patients reach and maintain sobriety.

Our program for treating alcoholism utilizes proven FDA medication to help patients find recovery, with a focus on the following medication:

  • NALTREXONE (Vivitrol)
    Naltrexone (Vivitrol) is a monthly injectable medication that is useful for the treatment of opioid addiction and alcohol addiction. Vivitrol is an effective medication for alcohol treatment because it eliminates the “high” that comes with alcohol use and lessens cravings for alcohol. Clinically proven to reduce the probability of relapse, Vivitrol helps people be more successful in remaining alcohol-free by decreasing the amount and number of times that alcohol is consumed. Vivitrol is also available in an oral form, which can be used as a supplement if cravings re-occur.
vivitrol relieve detox

We offer Vivitrol. Call us to learn more!

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