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Afraid to take opioids after surgery?

Nervous about taking prescribed opioids after surgery?

If you are about to have surgery, your doctor will give you have a plan to rest and recover afterwards. This plan might also include a prescription opioid to address pain after surgery.

Many people are nervous about taking the prescription because they know the risks of building up a tolerance and becoming dependent on it. They know the awful side-effects of opioid use and the worse symptoms of withdrawal. Unfortunately, opioids are a necessary step in many surgical situations, but don't worry - there is a simple easy process to detox your body from the prescription once you no longer need it.

If you're afraid of becoming addicted to opioids after surgery but don't want to deal with pain after surgery, we have a solution for you.

Our detox treatment will allow you to take your prescription as prescribed by your doctor and safely and easily detox after your last dose, without experiencing the withdrawal symptoms. Our detox treatment is not only fast, safe, and comfortable, but you will be able to continue working and enjoying life during the outpatient treatment.

If you would like to find out more about our outpatient medical detox treatment, please call us to learn more and to schedule your detox according to the timing of your last dose.

Learn More About Post-Surgery Detox

Jerry was nervous to have surgery. He needed to have a foot surgery, but when his doctor told him he would be prescribed opioids after treatment, Jerry got nervous. He knew of friends who had become dependent (addicted even) to opioids after surgery and he didn’t want to deal with the painful withdrawal symptoms that would result from taking opioids for too long. Jerry expressed his concerns to his surgeon, but his surgeon reassured him that he could easily taper off of the medications once the pain was gone. Luckily Jerry did his research and found an easier solution. Through a medical detox, Jerry could safely and easily stop taking opioids (without painful withdrawal symptoms) in the likely situation that he developed a dependence on them after surgery. Jerry called and spoke to the detox facility before his surgery and felt confident that he had a good plan for his after-surgery care. He shares his plan with his doctor and proceeded with the surgery. Jerry was still very careful when taking the medication, but he had a medical detox pre-scheduled to start right after his last dose. Jerry’s surgery and post-surgery care went extremely well and he is back to his normal life, pain-free.

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